Booking Tips

A boost for you!

Facilitates ticket booking
in Rome!


For the area of the Colosseum/Forum
you can get tickets directly from the website

For the Circus Maximus
you don't have to pay
..but have a look at the website
if you want a virtual tour (3D glasses)

Saint Peter's Basilica is for free.
You go there and you have to wait in line,
unless you go before to the Vatican museums and
you have a direct connection to the Church.
The Sistine Chapel is inside the Vatican museums.
To get tickets :

If you don't find tickets, try to find through "Get your Guide" platform

For the Saint Angel's Castle

To get inside the Pantheon:

Hey, keep those peepers peeled

When you will arrive at the apartment,
I will give a Map of Rome
which has more than
50 video guides about Rome,
reachable through Qr codes.
You can get a preview through
The paper map is for free,
then you can decide to have
the complete overview of
all contents
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