The surroundings of Rome

Discover all the places to visit around the Eternal City



DISTANCE FROM ROME: about 100km Bomarzo is known for the famous Sacred Wood of Monsters, also called "Villa of Wonders", born in the mid-1500s from the idea of ​​Prince Pier Francesco Orsini, with the aim of "sol per sfogare il cuore" (just to let the heart out) broken by the death of his wife Giulia Farnese. A magical place, created in a natural park which, among thousands of plants, even rare, is adorned with numerous basalt sculptures that portray mythological animals, divinities and, indeed, monsters. Very popular in the summer by families who go crazy, people don't always stop to visit the beautiful village.


DISTANCE FROM ROME: about 130km Civita di Bagnoregio is considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy and every year it is visited by hundreds of thousands of people who come from all over the world to admire its timeless aspect and the magical atmosphere that can be perceived walking among the its narrow alleys. The village has been nicknamed "The dying city" as it rests on a spur of tuff which, due to constant erosion, in the past risked making the city slowly disappear.


DISTANZA DA ROMA: circa 75km A breve distanza da Roma c’è un giardino unico nel suo genere: il Giardino di Ninfa, dove, sugli antichi ruderi di una città perduta (la città di Ninfa), crescono piante rare e secolari.
Il giardino botanico di Ninfa è un tipico esempio di giardino all’inglese. La costruzione del parco iniziò negli anni 20 e proseguì negli anni 30, ad opera della famiglia Caetani. I ruderi di Ninfa furono restaurati, la zona bonificata e le piante, per lo più esotiche, provenienti dai viaggi della famiglia all’estero, colorarono il parco.


DISTANCE FROM ROME: about 32km Villa Gregoriana in Tivoli is a rosary of woods, paths, waterfalls, caves and vegetation that extends to the foot of the ancient acropolis, a suggestive natural park surrounded by greenery and located a few steps from Rome. Commissioned by Pope Gregory XVI around 1834, this splendid uncontaminated place was an essential destination for artists and aristocrats who arrived in the ancient "Tibur" for the famous "Grand Tour" in the nineteenth century.


DISTANCE FROM ROME: about 27km Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999, it was built between 118 and 138 AD. from the emperor Hadrian, in a green area rich in water near Tivoli, the ancient Tibur. The Villa extended over an area of ​​at least one hundred and twenty hectares, including residential structures, spas, nymphaeums, pavilions and gardens. The various buildings were connected to each other, as well as by surface paths, also by an underground vehicular and pedestrian road network, functional to the services.


DISTANCE FROM ROME: about 33km Villa d'Este is one of the symbols of the Italian Renaissance, an architectural and scenographic jewel of Tivoli declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Today this extraordinary complex is famous all over the world for the splendid fountains that decorate it, characterized by precious and suggestive water games and for being the most beautiful "Italian garden" in Europe.