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Tour tra le meraviglie di Roma, dalle più conosciute ad altre tutte da scoprire!

Silvia Franci

Graduated in languages ​​(English and German) with various work experiences abroad. Being a tour guide combines my different passions: art and history, being always on the move, sharing the beauty of unique works with other people and sharing my culture. We will have fun together



Let's explore together the Colosseum, the Palatine Hill and the ancient Roman Forum MEETING POINT: behind the Arch of Costantine, side San Gregorio street MORNING TOUR: 8.45 am AFTERNOON TOUR: at 3.30 pm DURATION : about 3 hours With about 7 million visitors a year, the archaeological area of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Forum is one of the most visited places in the world. The Flavian Amphitheater is the largest and most impressive ever built. Close your eyes and try to imagine a screaming crowd of about 60,000 spectators all around, statues, fountains, exotic animals and fighting gladiators. A crazy architecture built 2000 years ago. The Palatine is the hill of the origins: from the first huts to the palaces of the imperial age, foreshortenings and fragments of a millennial history. Going down towards the Roman Forum, we will enter the heart of the political, social and religious life of ancient Rome, the site of the triumphal processions along the Sacred Way up to the Capitoline Hill. FOR RESERVATIONS SEND AN SMS OR CALL SILVIA FRANCI +393487442165


Saint Angel's Castle, St. Peter's square and Basilica MEETING POINT: to be set TIME: to be set DURATION: about 3 hours From the Mausoleum of the Emperor Hadrian and his family, the castle was modified several times during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. From a sepulcher to a fortified place, it was a place of prisons, secret passages, luxurious decorated rooms and residence of some Popes, connected to the Vatican by the so-called "passetto". In the 1800s it was used as a political prison. The view from Saint Angel's Castle over the Vatican and the whole city is breathtaking. St Peter's Square has a welcoming shape, a large elliptical space bordered by the two side colonnades: Bernini designed it with the idea to welcome a large number of pilgrims and that it was in harmony with the imposing structure of the Basilica. Here it is: the biggest Church in the world, the symbol of the Catholic community. Here the place of the martyrdom of the apostle and first Pope St. Peter is celebrated. The greatest artists have given their precious contribution to create a unique and immortal place. Michelangelo, Carlo Maderno, Gianlorenzo Bernini, Antonio Canova are just a few names of exceptional authors who have worked here. The unforgettable view is certainly from the Cupola. FOR RESERVATIONS SEND AN SMS OR CALL SILVIA FRANCI +393487442165


MEETING POINT: to be set TIME: to be set DURATION: about 2.30 hours A walk starting from Piazza Venezia, reaching the Trevi Fountain, and then passing through Piazza di Pietra where the Temple of Hadrian has to be admired, and then the majestic Pantheon, the seat of the Senate Palazzo Madama, some paintings by Caravaggio at the church of San Luigi de' Francesi to conclude with one of the most beautiful squares in Rome: Piazza Navona with its spectacular fountains, churches and palaces. FOR RESERVATIONS SEND AN SMS OR CALL SILVIA FRANCI +393487442165


Learn more about Trastevere and the Jewish District! Cultural historical and gastronomic tour MEETING POINT: at Piazza Trilussa, on the right close to the statue of the poet Trilussa TIME: Morning tour at 10 am TIME: Afternoon tour at 5 pm Since already the 6th century BC, sailors and fishermen began to inhabit this neighborhood, forming the first popular community. It is the romantic heart of Rome, where craft shops, shops and family-run taverns create an intimate and evocative atmosphere. The Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, the glimpses of ancient alleys, the Tiber Island, the Marcello Theatre, the Portico of Octavia are among the wonders you can't miss! Walking through the streets, between a story and an anecdote, we will taste typical products in special places and historical laboratories. FOR RESERVATIONS SEND AN SMS OR CALL SILVIA FRANCI +393487442165


Learn more about Campo dé Fiori and its famous market! MEETING POINT: at Piazza di Campo dé Fiori, in front of the Farnese Cinema TIME: Morning tour at 10 am Campo dé Fiori alludes with its name to an ancient countryside, flowers and horses market. Even today there is the market every morning with seasonal fruits and vegetables, meats, cheeses and colorful stands full of products and clothes. At the center of the square, the statue of the monk and philosopher Giordano Bruno has become the symbol of the neighborhood and of "free thought". The names of the streets recall the ancient crafts (Giubbonari, Orefici, Balestrieri, Pettinari ...) and through these alleys we will go to discover hidden corners and culinary DOC specialties. FOR RESERVATIONS SEND AN SMS OR CALL SILVIA FRANCI +393487442165


Learn more about San Lorenzo! Cultural historical and gastronomic tour MEETING POINT: at Il Melograno Holiday House TIME: Morning tour at 9.30 am TIME: Afternoon tour at 5.00 pm DURATION: about 2 hours Historic district of Rome, today it is inhabited by many students of La Sapienza University, the largest university in Europe. Historically the neighborhood populated with artisans, railwaymen and workers, was bombed by the allies in the middle of the Second World War. It is also the nightlife district, full of bars, pubs, taverns, live music and summer festivals. By walking we will admire the peculiar setting of the Aurelian Walls and the Porta Tiburtina. A coffee at one of the most traditional cafès Bar Marani under the arbor and proceed through the alleys in the heart of San Lorenzo. A visit at the wonderful Basilica of San Lorenzo, the monumental Verano cemetery and two stops to learn about the flavors and specialties of the area. FOR RESERVATIONS SEND AN SMS OR CALL SILVIA FRANCI +393487442165


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